Photo Booths have become quite the hot commodity to have in Tucson, Arizona at weddings, school reunions, quincaneras, charities, expos, bar and bat mitzvahs, and corporate events; and for a good reason! With the satisfaction of instant prints, and memories that should last you a lifetime, it is a sure-fire way to have a blast, and give your guests something to remember. The problem, is with so many “photo booths” popping up all of Tucson, it can be a daunting task to pick the right photo booth vendor for your special event. Or, you may simply be uninformed and choose the lowest price by mistake, thinking all booths are created equal.

The good news is Flashbulb Memories Photo Booth has you covered! Here’s our Top Tips for choosing the right photo booth company for your next event.

1. Do your research thoroughly

When first considering renting a photo booth, the first question that comes to your mind is likely “How much does it cost?” While this is a valid question, it should not be the one you consider first. You should know about the company you are dealing with. Perhaps they are a photography company but do a photo booth on the side, maybe they are just a person with a tripod, camera, and a printer that they call a booth. It could be that they are an actual photo booth company, but they don’t deal well with children at parties, have been known to show up late, or are not flexible enough to work with your other vendors and schedule. Another thing most people don’t consider is whether they are insured. Many venues require all vendors to be insured up to at least $1 million, although many of these companies are not.

At Flashbulb Memories Photo Booth, we seek to build a lasting reputation with everyone. We also put our due diligence into building the booth, and sourcing the right equipment that would produce quality pictures and prints (keep reading for more) that’s sure to leave everyone impressed. The people who work with our company are dedicated to customer service above everything else and genuinely love to make people happy. Oh, and we’re fully insured 😉

2. Not all booths are created equal

Typically, the majority of companies these days calling themselves a “photo booth” company are anything but. Generally those companies are offering simple tripod setups with loads of equipment including bulky computers, flash stands, cheap lightbulbs/strobes, big flash modifiers, cheap cameras, and personal printers. If you really wanted to, you could replicate their entire setup from amazon purchases for under $350. Why is this? The answer is simple; you have to pay for quality. This includes the look of the booth itself, the template designs, the person you hire, and the end result of your prints and digital photos.

One of our missions at Flashbulb Memories Photo Booth was to create a unique booth that would not take away from the experience of the event itself. To do so, we had our booth custom crafted with a sleek, modern design, and enhanced with the latest and greatest in photo booth equipment. Some of these things include an 18mp DSLR camera, professional studio strobe, DNP DS-40 Dye-Sub printer, completely custom photo booth enclosure, hand-made sequin backdrops, hand-selected props, and professionally designed photo templates. Other than our amazing service, you’re getting close to $10k worth of equipment geared towards making your photos spectacular.

What does this mean for you?
Well, here are the top 6 benefits our photo booth gives you over the typical photo booth company.
1. Perfectly-lit photos every single time, just like you would have at a studio photo-shoot.
2. A booth that blends in to your event instead of being an eye-sore.
3. 300 DPI photo prints that are printed and cut automatically within 10 seconds, and are rated to last 50 years.
4. Free, full resolution digital files for download, of both your prints and the original photo, without watermarks.
5. Templates that enhance the photo itself, and are unique to your event.
6. Re-usable USB drives with your photos instead of a useless CD copy.

3. Do the math

One of the mistakes we see most people make is choosing a competitor’s booth due to the offering of unlimited prints at no extra cost (not to be confused with unlimited photos, which should be included with every booth company). Almost all of these companies offering this service at a low price can do so because they are using sub-par equipment and know that in reality your guests will not get unlimited prints. With an average print time of 85 seconds, not including the time it takes to cut the photos in half and actually go through the booth itself, you can quickly see that things just don’t add up.

The average time to take all of your pictures in a booth and get to the point where your prints begin, takes about 15 seconds. So let’s do the math:

2 Hour event = 7,200 seconds
15 second booth time + 85 second print time = 100 seconds
7,200/100 = 72

This means in a total of two hours, assuming the line at the photo booth is completely jam-packed the entire time, and no cutting of strips is required, you will get an absolute maximum of 72 prints.

With our booth, you get your photos taken and your prints delivered within 25 seconds (15 second booth time + 10 second print time).  If we do the math again:
7,200/23 =288 prints. This means you get four times as many prints as the other companies offer, in the same amount of time.

So, once again, before jumping the gun on hiring your photo booth company, ask yourself what you are really getting for the price you pay.

For more great tips before booking your photo booth, check out this article by another experienced photo booth company who knows their stuff:

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