Boston Glam Booth Experience

Aka The "Kardashian" Glam Photo Booth

Sure, Snapchat started the glam filter, but we were one of the first to put it in a photo booth!

Our Boston Glam booth is pure magic. We capture your guests with studio-quality equipment and lighting to produce amazing photos. Then, we apply our proprietary glam photo “magic” to smooth skin and remove small wrinkles and blemishes. After that, the photos print out for you to see and share with the world. The best part? This whole process takes less than 10 seconds.

Phoenix Photo Booth Rental Glam Photo Booth
Flashbulb Glam Booth-Color1 (28)

Color Glam Booth

Prefer to capture the brilliant colors at your Boston wedding or event? We can shoot in both Color and Black & White! It’s up to you which one to choose, or, we will give your guests the option to pick from either of them during their photo shoot. Either way, you’re bound to look great.

Boston Glam Booth Setup

Simple. Clean. Sexy.

Our Glam Booth setup includes our modern photo booth with a mounted studio flash, beauty-dish or umbrella, along with a professional printer capable of 8-second prints. Finally, we bring a white fabric backdrop for a super clean, modern look that produces glam photo perfection.

AZ Glam Booth Wedding Setup
Social Media Sharing Stand

Glam Digital Sharing Station

Want to make all your friends jealous? Add a social sharing station or text-sharing to your Glam Booth rental so you can instantly share your pics online immediately after they are taken.



Custom Glam Booth Rear Monitor

Custom branded rear monitor customization. We design a custom screen for the 16″ vertical, rear monitor of the photo booth to match your glam template. We can even incorporate your custom logo, monogram, colors and theme to make the photo booth totally you.

I knew I wanted the "Kardashian" black and white photos, no props, just super sleek pictures and they were BEAUTIFUL! The best part people can print the pictures without our logo if they wanted to frame them for their house. Loved everything about them, and hope to use them for a future party! Thank you!

Boston Glam Booth Rental Package

Our Glam Photo Booth rental starts at 3 hours of service and includes the following features:

Local Service in Boston, Massachusetts
Glam Beauty Setup
Proprietary Glam Filter
Prints for Everyone
Black & White or Color Prints
Classy Booth Attendant
Full-size 4×6 Prints
Text Overlay Template
1-Year Hosted Online Gallery
Rear Screen Customization

*Note: Additional hours and options can be added for a custom experience

Additional Options


Unequivocally, yes! We are the best Glam Booth company, among other things. We'd argue we are the best Photo Booth company across the state overall, but we'll let our 5-star reviews speak for themselves. What exactly makes us the best? It's not one thing, it's everything! Top notch service, strict attention to detail, professional equipment, and proprietary tech like our Glam magic, that gives you and your guests only the best. If we couldn't be the best at it, we wouldn't be doing it at all.  

Yes! In fact, we service statewide, along with other select locations Nationally. Nothing is too far for us, so if you want us at your destination wedding or event, just let us know and we'll see if we are down for the road trip.

Without getting too into the weeds, here are some super important things to consider in hiring a photo booth company:

  1. Review history - What do past clients say? We have a perfect 5-star track record for a reason!
  2. Insurance - This is not a want so much as a need. Some venues require upwards of $5m in liability. Don't worry, we've got you covered for whatever your venue needs.
  3. Aesthetic - Does the booth style, lighting, photography and setup match your aesthetic? Just as important as the photos and prints themselves, is the entire setup. We keep things classy and modern AF.
  4. Business age - No, this is not about agism, this is to determine if the company you hire will still be in business by the time your event rolls around. It sucks, but we've seen this happen more times than you can count.
  5. Customer service - A company that doesn't bother answering or returning calls, takes weeks to reply to emails, and seems like they have something better to do than talk with you are not beige flags, they are red! Want to get our advice but hire a different company? No worries, we're here for you, event or not.

As politely as we can say this, absolutely not. We appreciate finding a good deal and saving a few bucks on our favorite items of clothing or at the grocery store. But we're comparing apples to oranges (literally). Think about the last time you dined at your favorite restaurant and your waiter provided exceptional service, there was a wonderful ambiance, and your food was delectable. When you got the check did you ask if they could discount the bill? No, you ADDED a tip! We don't ask for tips here, because we bake in the service and quality at every step along the way from inquiry to execution, ensuring you get only the very best. But we know we are not right for everyone, so if you are looking for the most affordable, and don't care so much about what that gets you, we respect your decision to go a different direction. 

Even better 🙂 While we can't say we've had the pleasure of helping Kim & fam celebrate a special occasion, we're confident that you'll get an even better experience than they did. In fact, our past clients who have experienced both us and that "other Glam booth" in LA tell us time and time again how much better our photos look and how much smoother the entire experience was in working with us. So we'll leave it up to you, but we think it's time the Kardashians kept up with us.  

Unless we have a custom schedule planned with you, the way it typically works is we arrive 2hrs before our booked start time to begin setting up. We try to be ready extra early, but we are always ready on time. Once up, we are ready to snap picks of you and your guests all night long (and optionally share photos by text if desired). At the close of booked time, we'll start packing up and leave the place nicer than we found it. The next day you'll get a digital gallery with all of your gorgeous photos so you can post them online and make all your ex-lovers totally jealous.