Sponsorship & Nonprofit Photo Experience


Looking for a way to increase ROI, give to a good cause, and get your business information in front of thousands of potential clients with an experience they will never forget?

Our photo booth sponsorship is the perfect way to do all of these things (choose if you’re a business or non-profit below to learn more).

Photo booths are always the hit of any party, and a non-profit event is no different. Unfortunately, a compromise is usually made to either ditch the photo booth, or go with a substandard photo booth that is within budget. Now, with our sponsorship opportunities, you don’t have to make compromises! 

We work with you to ensure you have everything you need to attract an audience of potential sponsors for the photo booth. Not only does this raise more awareness for your mission, but it covers the cost of the photo booth so that all of your guests get to enjoy the fun of our awesome photo booth. Since the money to cover the photo booth will be donated directly by the sponsor company to your organization, we give you options to not just cover the cost of the photo booth, but to use the sponsorship to raise even more money for your cause! The company wins, your organization wins, and your guests win, it’s a win-win-win! 

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Non-profits host many events every year that often include audiences in the thousands, with people devoted to the cause at hand. Many of these non-profits lack funding and rely on donations for entertainment such as a photo booth. Our photo booth sponsorship opportunity gives your business the chance to donate money that would otherwise be spent on advertising to the non-profits we work with, in exchange for logo/branding placement on our printed photos, digital gallery, backdrops, and more. 

Logo/branding placement on the printed template means all guests in attendance walk away with a printed photo keepsake containing your company’s logo, slogan, website, or more. This printed photo is sure to be displayed in cubicles, on fridges, and more, forever keeping your company at the forefront of your customers’ mind. 

In addition to the printed photo, all of the digital copies shared around the web will have the same branding, further expanding your social marketing reach as the photos are shared with friends, and friends of friends in the region. 

Many more branding opportunities are available if you’re interested in really solidifying your company’s brand during and after an event. 

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