Arizona's Favorite Photo Booth

is Awesome Fun Luxurious Glamorous High Tech

Arizona's Favorite Photo Booth

is Awesome Fun Luxurious Glamorous High Tech


Flashbulb Memories is a luxury photo experience company offering Photo BoothGlam Booth, Boomerang GIF Booth, Selfie Station Rentals, and Creative Booth options for high-end weddings and events. We serve clients all over Arizona and beyond, out of our Tucson & Phoenix locations.



Your event is first-class. You deserve a first-class photo booth rental. Our modern, open-air photo booths are equipped with the latest technology and top of the line photography equipment to capture amazing pictures in style.



Our highly interactive, and super fun team loves working with guests (regardless of their age or size)! We make sure everyone gets the most out of their time in the photo booth, and leaves with a big smile.



We take care of all the details leading up to your big day, so you have one less thing to stress about. We take special care to ensure everything is beyond your expectations, leaving you with memories that last a lifetime.

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Think we’re just your ordinary photo booth rental company? Think again. We make your party EPIC with high quality photos, high tech equipment, and super engaging photo experiences. 

Phoenix Photo Booth Rental Glam Photo Booth

Glam Booth

Aka the “Kardashian” booth. We promise you’ve never looked this good in a photo booth. Our magic filter makes every guest look like a model immediately after getting their picture taken by our booth. Say goodbye to unsightly wrinkles, acne, hairs, and [insert general imperfection here]. You’re welcome.

360 Slowmo Video Booth

If a picture says a thousand words, then consider this our novel to you. It’s epic, full of surprises, and always has a happy ending where your guests get to be the heroes. Our 360 Slowmo booth, powered by orcavue, truly, is the best thing since sliced bread. 

Sorority Tucson Photo Booth Rental

Not So "Classic" Photo Booth

Our open air style photo booth rental means your guests get the freedom to express themselves, without cramming into a little black box. We splurged on the best camera, lighting, and technology available so that every picture is frame-worthy. Not to mention we have almost endless print design options, beautiful backdrops, and super fun props!

Custom Booth Experience

Looking for something totally custom and unique for your event? We can help with that.
Explore some of our past creative work and get inspired!
Green Screen photo booth rental surfing a wave

Long Term Leases & Rentals

Generate more exposure for your venue, while creating an atmosphere that encourages guests to come back and tell all their friends. Our long term photo and GIF booth leases are the best way to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Selfie Station Rentals

Our Selfie Station Photo Booth Rentals are a great way to bring some fun and excitement to your party without the high cost of a full service photo booth. Fully digital, and fully awesome.
Social Photo Booth Rental Kiosk at Dusk
Girls dancing in the GIF booth

Social GIF Booth

Ready to step your party up a notch? GIF booth rentals are the latest photo booth craze. They let your guests snap a quick pic, or record a short video clip which gets looped back and forth. Forever.

It’s a sure fire way of becoming Insta-famous, no matter who you are.

What are you waiting for?

We’re standing by, ready to help you take your event to the next level with a totally awesome photo booth rental experience! Whether you’re getting married, hosting a Gala, or throwing a huge party just because, we promise to help make it epic. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put, our service and quality are unbeatable. And with over 100+ perfect, 5-star ratings, it's apparent that our clients think so too. We pride ourselves on making your event the best it can possibly be, and we don't skimp on quality anywhere. Just have a look at our galleries or read our reviews to see for yourself.

Renting a photo booth shouldn’t give you a headache, and we go to great lengths to make the whole experience effortless. When you rent a photo booth through us, you can rest easy knowing that it’s not going to be just one more thing you need to worry about.

While we are known for our first class wedding photo booth rentals, we also provide our services for many other types of events and parties ranging from Bar Mitzvahs and corporate holiday parties, to quinceaneras and trade shows! If your goal is to make your event more fun and memorable, we can definitely help. 

Things we will do:
1. Make your event awesome!
2. Interact with all of your guests, ensuring everyone gets the most out of the photo booth.
3. Respond quickly to any and all of your messages and provide excellent service.
4. Capture amazing memories that you and your guests will treasure forever.

Things we won't do:
1. Act or dress unprofessionally.
2. Advertise our company at your event with gaudy tablecloths, giant logos, etc.
3. Be dishonest or deceiving.
4. Cancel an event you've booked with us.

Well...everything! But here's 7 to get you started...

1. We provide a printout for every guest in the photo, and it only takes 8-12 seconds for our photo booth to spit out each print. Others use personal (not professional) printers where it takes up to a minute for a single print! That means in 3 hours our booth can spit out 1080 prints, while 'theirs' will only give you 180 prints.

2. Unlike the old fashioned booths which cause claustrophobia,  our open-air booths are spacious and can fit up to 10+ people. Comfortably. Our booth is also beautifully designed in a sexy white housing that adds sophistication to your event; unlike tripod "booth" setups that others use. This eliminates the need for extra tables, tripods, laptops and lighting stands, and keeps your event free of clutter. It also has a small footprint, making it possible to set up in the tightest of spaces.

3. Our booth makes you look AMAZING! We use proprietary technology and professional photography equipment to make you and your guests look like models. To replicate our exact photo booth setup for each event, it would cost over $10k! Our booth is also super high-tech and lets us do cool stuff like put you anywhere with Greenscreen, create GIF animated images and videos, add custom branded overlays, live slideshows, instant sharing via social media, and more.

4. We can capture all guests no matter their height or size. No more crouching down or standing on your tip toes just to get in the frame. Built in tilt, and operators who pay attention to detail mean you'll be perfectly framed in the photo, every time.

5.  Within 24-hours of your event, the full resolution photos are uploaded to our hosted online gallery in their full resolution, water-mark free. We even include the printed template photo, in case your guests want to print their own extra copies later. In addition, all of our galleries offer 100% free downloads at no extra charge.

6. With in-house professional design and custom template options, we make sure our designs are fit just for you and your event before the big day even arrives. This includes color, font, and template customization to your theme, and ensuring everything is picture perfect. We even go through the trouble of color-matching and aligning the prints to ensure perfection at every step.

7. Last, but certainly not least are our booth operators. Say hi to the owner himself if you catch him (he's super fun, trust us), or one of our lovely booth attendants who will help your guests pose, interact with the booth, and upload their pictures, while keeping things orderly. Crying babies (or bridesmaids)? Not a problem, we'll bring a smile to their face. Although, there is no guarantee they won't cry when its time to leave; we'll shed a tear too.

Our exclusive and proprietary tech allows us to magically filter away imperfections the moment a photo is taken. Snap a shot in front of our high-res camera and professional beauty dish lighting, then seconds later, see your full-size printout in all of its glory. Our super sleek Glam Booth setup includes everything you need to make your friends jealous. We can shoot in B/W, Color, or give your guests a choice before each shot!

Just pose and look fabulous.

It’s a major attraction for guests because it’s so much fun!

Photographers/videographers will focus on capturing your guests in a natural setting to get candid shots. The photo booth however, creates a fun and exciting atmosphere where every picture is full of expression. It is something that will keep guests entertained and talking about this date for quite some time; and they'll have a printed photo keepsake to remember it all over again! 

Unlike the old fashioned photo booths which cause claustrophobia, our open-air photo booths are spacious and can fit up to 10+ people. Comfortably. If you're set up is open, it even means we are even handicap accessible.

Although, we recommend a cropped setup for our Glam Booth, to really focus in on the details and make each shot magazine-worthy.

Both our Selfie Station and our Photo booth feature an open air style, with high tech equipment a sleek design. The main difference between these two, is the Selfie Station is completely unattended and meant to be used as a standalone option (i.e. no props, backdrops, attendants, etc.). Due to the technology used, if you opt for photos, our photo booth will produce the best quality out of the two by a longshot. However, with GIFs, the quality is pretty comparable. 


Overall, the Selfie Station is the best option if you are having a social event with a ton of people; if you want to promote your event and reach a large online audience; or if you simply want the best "bang for your buck" and have an all-day event.


Now, if you are strictly focused on quality, having on-site customer service for a hands-off experience, or simply want prints of all the photos, the photo booth is the best option for your event.

All of our photo booth packages (unless requested) come with prints for every single guest. Once the photo set is taken, the photo booth prints will be on their way to your guests hands in a lightning fast 8-12 seconds. Top that.

The photo booth requires a standard 120V AC power outlet. Photo booth area needs to be within 25ft of the wall outlet, and we (generally) require a 6ft table for props and possibly a smaller cocktail table for drinks from guests.

Free travel within the Greater Phoenix Area or our Tucson location is included with every booking. Need us somewhere else?  Just drop us a message and we'll see if we're up for the road trip! (Extra charges for travel may apply).

As long as the weather is suitable, we can setup outdoors. However there are a few requirements! 1) There must be zero chance of rain or strong winds, and the temperature must be between 50F-85F for the equipment to properly function. 2) We need to be under a tent, or similar covered/shaded structure, including side-walls to protect from wind & sun. 3) We need a power source 25ft or closer nearby. 4) Our photo booth needs to sit on a flat, hard surface. A hill won't cut it.

Everything but the kitchen sink. (We'd bring that and customize it too, but that'd just be weird). Your event will guaranteed be as unique as you. Just check out some of our awesome template designs as inspiration to see what we mean. 

Celebrating a wedding in Phoenix, Paradise Valley, or Tucson and want the photo booth to have your custom initials or name printed on it? We can do that. Want a backdrop with your beautiful mug or logo so that every one of your guests knows who's king (or queen)? Consider it done. We can customize everything from the prints and booth, down to the web gallery itself, making your event truly one-of-a-kind. Hey, even if you want something "standard", we will make it an event worth remembering. 

If you're ready to move forward with an insanely awesome photo experience, the first step is to fill out a booking form to check for availability. We'll check the calendar and get back to you in lightning speed. Once the date is confirmed open, you'll be able to put down your deposit to fully secure the date. Just a fair warning, we book dates out as far as two years in advance, so the sooner you reach out to us, the better!

We will do everything we can to accommodate a date change under any circumstance. Date changes made by personal preference need to be made 60 days prior to your planned date. For 2 or more date changes, fees will be equal to the current booking price at the time of the requested date change. For any date changes related to government restrictions, we will accommodate as many changes as needed to secure your new date, pending availability.


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