Oh So Gorgeous
Glam Booth

Aka The "Kardashian" Photo Booth

Sure, Snapchat started the glam filter, but we were one of the first to put it in a photo booth!

Our Glam booth is pure magic. We capture your guests with studio-quality equipment and lighting to produce amazing photos. Then, we apply our proprietary glam photo “magic” to smooth skin and remove small wrinkles and blemishes. After that, the photos print out for you to see and share with the world. The best part? This whole process takes less than 10 seconds.

Phoenix Photo Booth Rental Glam Photo Booth
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Color Glam Options

Prefer to capture the brilliant colors at your event? We can shoot in both Color and Black & White! It’s up to you which one to choose, or, we will give your guests the option to pick from either of them during their photo shoot. Either way, you’re bound to look great.

Glam Booth Setup

Simple. Clean. Sexy.

Our Glam setup includes our modern photo booth with a mounted flash and beauty dish, along with a professional printer capable of 8-second prints. Finally, we bring a white, stretch fabric backdrop for a super clean, modern look that produces photo perfection.

AZ Glam Booth Wedding Setup
Glam Booth SMS text sharing

Live Social Sharing

Want to make all your friends jealous? Add a SMS social sharing to your Glam Booth rental so you can instantly post your pics online immediately after they are taken.


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Custom Rear Monitor

Custom branded rear monitor customization. We design a custom screen for the 16″ vertical, rear monitor of the photo booth. We can even incorporate your custom logo, monogram, colors and theme to make the photo booth totally you.

I knew I wanted the "Kardashian" black and white photos, no props, just super sleek pictures and they were BEAUTIFUL! The best part people can print the pictures without our logo if they wanted to frame them for their house. Loved everything about them, and hope to use them for a future party! Thank you!

Glam Photo Booth Rental Package

Our Glam Photo Booth rental starts at 3 hours of service and includes the following features:

Glam Beauty Setup
Proprietary Glam Filter
Prints for Everyone
Black & White or Color Prints
Classy Booth Attendant
Full-size 4×6 Prints
Text Overlay Template
1-Year Hosted Online Gallery
Rear Screen Customization

Additional hours and options can be added for a custom experience

Additional Options