AI Photo Booth Live Experiences

AI Photo Booth Superhero Flashbulb Memories

AI Photo Booth Gives You Limitless Creative Potential

Put your guests in the scene of their favorite movie using the power of AI. No cheesy green screens, or face ‘blend’ gimmicks. We are talking Hal 9000 level tech, which can be tailored to your style, imagery or preference. But unlike Hal, we are more than happy to do that.

Pix'd by Flashbulb - Live AI Photo Booth Experience

Chat GPT, write me something cool about our new AI photo booth. Nothing? Ok we’ll go:

Step right up and say hello to our new AI Photo Booth experience, Pix’d by Flashbulb! This isn’t your everyday photo booth picture; it’s a slice of futuristic fun. We transform ordinary images into magical moments, live. With AI-powered technology, watch yourself transform into a superhero, animated character, or even everyone’s favorite toy doll.

Pixd by flashbulb barbie doll ken doll style ai photo booth
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Pix'd Helps Your Guests Get Animated - Literally!

Imagine hosting a premier of your latest movie, and giving guests a chance to instantly become an animated character themselves! With custom branding, and live-photo-sharing, you can engage with your guests like never before due to the power of AI.

Completely Custom AI Photo Booth Experiences

Want us to design a completely custom AI experience for your activation or event? Let’s talk. Our solution is not one-size-fits-all, rather we create a custom AI output to fit your vision, such as snapping a pic of your guests and turning them into rockstars, superheroes, or so much more! Our custom image training models allow us 100% creative control over the output.

Social Media Sharing Stand

Digital Photo Sharing with AI

Did we mention that our technology works live at your event with any internet connection? Meaning guests can snap a pic, share online and (in some cases) even get an automatic printout. This gives you instant social cred and lets your guests brag about their oh-so-amazing AI pics. We can even custom brand the delivery of photos including photo overlays so your brand is front and center.


Modern AI Photo Booth - Futuristic Output

We like to keep up with the times. Everything from our AI output to our equipment screams modern technology. Crazy fast prints, pro studio lighting, and a 5-star customer service are just some of the perks. Plus, we can customize the booth with a full vinyl wrap to make it the robot-booth of your dreams.

AZ Glam Booth Wedding Setup

Flashbulb Memories did an amazing job for our event of 500+ people! Everyone loved the photos, and Matthew was very communicative and easy to work with. I would highly recommend using Flashbulb for anyone hosting a special event!

Our Pix’d by Flashbulb experience is customized for your event and may include the following:

Pix’d by Flashbulb AI Photo Booth
Proprietary AI Creations
Prints for Every Guest (optional)
Full-Service Attendant(s)
Logo/Branding on Frame
Hosted Online Gallery
Live Photo Sharing by Email or SMS Available

Pix’d has several pre-built effects along with completely custom AI capabilities. Let us know what you are looking for!

Additional Options