Custom Photo

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AI Experiences

Virtual Reality, AI, and the next big thing in live event activations. We can transport your guests anywhere or turn them into their favorite superhero. Our AI experiences are 100% custom created for you and your guests.

Green Screen Photo Booth

Goodbye concrete jungle, aloha Hawaii. Put your guests anywhere you can imagine with our Green Screen photo booth setup.

Combined with a custom overlay, we make you look like a famous movie star, magazine cover model, and much more.

Creative Photo Filters

With a custom art filter, every photo gets a creative look applied instantly before printing out. Our completely custom splatter art filter is just one example of what can be done.

Creative Video Activations

If a photo is worth a thousand words, imagine the story you can tell with a custom video activation! Complete with your branding, custom audio track, and our VFX, we can bring your creative vision to life. 

Glitch photo booth filter
Vintage Photo Booth Effect
Color Pop Photo Booth Filter
Colorful Photo Booth Filter Effect

Photo Booth Branding

If you thought our photo booth looked great before, just wait until you see it with your company logo and branding! 

We vinyl wrap the entire photo booth with your supplied colors, patterns, or designs. In addition to this, we create a beautiful matching rear monitor. Need something more? We create custom backdrops, social sharing stands, tv stands, and more.

Photo booth with corporate branding

Custom Solutions

Need something totally custom? We got you covered. Our team is capable of creating a totally custom experience from the ground up. Whether it be an app, workflow, or custom event activation that makes you stand you, we can help.

First class from start to finish! Their designs are fantastic and their service is prompt and professional. I highly recommend Flashbulb Memories! Worth every penny!

Ready to find out how we can make your event one of a kind? Contact us today and let us know what kind of custom experience you’re looking for!