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🎸🎤**Ever Dreamed of Being a Rockstar or Flying Like Superman?**🚀🦸‍♂️

Picture this: You’re at an event, maybe it’s your movie premier night or a corporate gala. The lights dim, and suddenly, there you are on the big screen, shredding a guitar solo or on the album cover with your favorite band (while in outer space).

Or maybe… Just maybe… You’ve always wanted to don a cape and fly over the city, saving it from the clutches of villains, just like when you were a kid, racing around with a towel tied around your neck, pretending to be a superhero.

Too good to be true? Think again! 🌟

Introducing… 🥁 Pix’d AI by Flashbulb – the MAGIC that brings your creative live event vision to life! Our state-of-the-art AI photo booth doesn’t just snap your pic; it transforms you into whatever or whomever you’ve always wanted to be. All in a FLASH! (Pun totally intended)

Just pose, snap, and watch as our nifty AI does its thing, creating a masterpiece featuring none other than YOU. Wanna share your rockstar or superhero moment? Go right ahead! And guess what? If you want it decked out with your company’s branding or a personalized message, we’ve got you covered. Post it. Flaunt it. Change it. Mail. Upgrade it….🎵

So, if you want to see your guests, colleagues, or yourself in a whole new light (or should we say… spotlight?), make sure our exclusive AI Photo Booth – Pix’d AI by Flashbulb is on the guest list!

AI Photo Booth – what is it?

An AI photo booth is like a Hal 9000 level photo booth. Think, instant snapshots and live sharing, but instead of the traditional, boring output, your guests get a highly imaginative photo that’s like a snapshot from their very dreams. We combine your guests’ unique features with any custom output style to create a one-in-a-billion shot that captures who they are in a whole new light.

What can our transformative AI Photo Booth do?

So what can we do? Anything! Really! We don’t limit ourselves to anything but our imagination. With AI, you get virtually infinite variety. Want to be turned into your favorite cartoon character in a scene moonwalking on the literal moon? We’ve got you covered.

Is this live AI or post-processed?

Our entire AI experience is LIVE. This means guests can walk away with their picture sent within seconds or minutes. Disclaimer: Yes, some AI experiences are more complex and may take 20-30 minutes before they are sent to your guest, but we have options to make things as fast, or as complex as you’d like. The best part is after guests take a photo, there’s nothing more they need to do. We’ll get their images sent out as soon as they are ready, no need to revisit the photo booth.

Can you do custom image output training?

Absolutely! If you want your guests to experience the uniqueness of your event, custom image training is the way to go. Think of custom image training like this: We go from a simple AI painting output of your guest to a painting of your guest in the style of Banksy. Or maybe you want guests to resemble your newly launched animated movie style? We can train our AI on your precise output, so your event is literally one of a kind.

Ready to take your live event to a whole new level? Contact us today to see how we can help!

Flashbulb Memories Photo Booth

Flashbulb Memories Photo Booth

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