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Vintage Audio Guest Book Rental Experience

Introducing our Vintage Style Audio Guestbook Phone (available to rent on our dedicated Audio Guestbook site)! We make it super simple for guests to leave their messages for your special occasion.

So how does it work?

It’s simple!

Pick up the phone, and hear your custom “at the beep” prompt. Speak into the handset to record your message, then hang up. That’s it!

The next day, you’ll get a custom digital gallery with all of your individual recorded messages, placed on a custom image of your choosing. You can share these messages on social, or just download them offline for your archives to be listed to again and again.

Vintage Audio Guest Book Phone

This beauty may look vintage, but the technology inside is anything but. With the battery-powered operation, guests can leave messages all night long. Audio messages are recorded each time the handset is picked up and end when it’s placed back down. Simple, but magical. The only voicemail messages you won’t want to delete!

With a super portable design, begging to be used, we can place these bad boys anywhere you can imagine. Put it next to your photo booth, by the gift table, at the bar, or if you really want the gossip, try placing one in the bathroom and hear your guests’ reactions when they leave their message.

Since you are asking (you are asking right?) – what happens if the battery dies during my event? If this did happen for some freak reason, don’t worry, your audio files are safe and sound! We’ll still be able to process your files the next day and upload everything recorded up until that moment.

Rent Your Audio Guest Book Today!

Ready to rent our vintage style audio guest book phone for your next event? Book instantly online at our new, dedicated Audio Guestbook Rental site.

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