What is Booth by Bryant, and how can you get the look?

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What is Booth by Bryant?

If you’re a regular social media user, or fan of The Kardashians, it’s highly likely that you’ve stumbled upon Booth by Bryant. This creative project, launched by renowned California-based photographer Bryant Eslava, has gained immense popularity among Hollywood’s elite and the thriving Los Angeles social media community. The distinctive, somewhat grainy and old-time pictures from his now-celebrated photo booth have become a dominant feature of Instagram and TikTok timelines.

In its simplest form, Booth by Bryant is a vintage photo booth from the 1950s, acquired by Bryant Eslava himself. He welcomes his high-profile friends to experience the booth, generating nostalgic, intimate portraits that are produced instantly. Since revealing his acquisition of the booth in July, Bryant has been showcasing the pictures on his personal Instagram and the dedicated account for the booth.

How can you get the vintage look for your wedding or event?

Well, we have some great news. We created Booth by Flashbulb so you can get a similar look to the Booth by Bryant vintage style photo booth. Even better, we use all modern tech, giving you a clean, classy af photo booth, with a vintage-style output. It also means you’ll have much more reliable equipment to handle any number of guests – we are not sure how reliable photo booths from the 1950s would be!

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Our setup consists of a clean, white backdrop (but we can also shoot on a black backdrop or a wall for whatever unique look you’re after. We crop the photos in tightly to mimic a picture from an enclosed photo booth. Don’t worry though, all our photo booths are open-air so you can more freely about. Because of the cropped look, we can minimize our footprint to fit even the tiniest venue spaces so you can get the look wherever you want. Even on a boat.

Your gorgeous prints will come out as 2×6″ photo strips, with high quality prints, but keeping the authenticity of a vintage photo booth look. Add the option for text-message sharing to get a digital copy that you can post online. Or print it out and snap a picture to share on Instagram (make sure to tag us @Flashbulb_Memories_Photobooth

Have any questions?

Want to customize the look and make it your own? Let us know your vision, and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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