Join Roomvo at TISE Las Vegas: Our Heros Don’t Wear Capes!

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AI Photo Booth Experience – “Our Heroes Don’t Wear Capes”

Hello, and welcome to the latest highlight of The International Surface Event (TISE): SURFACES | StonExpo | TileExpo 2024 in Las Vegas! This year, from January 24th to 26th, we’re excited to share something truly spectacular at Booth 5427 – our very own AI Photo Booth, featuring the theme, “Our Heroes Don’t Wear Capes”.

What Makes Our AI Photo Booth Unique?

Our AI Photo Booth is not just any photo booth. It’s an innovative blend of art and technology, designed to transform guests into real-life heroes – without the need for capes! Using advanced AI algorithms, our booth captures the essence of each individual and reimagines them as their own unique hero.

The Theme: “Our Heroes Don’t Wear Capes”

This theme is close to our heart. We believe that heroism comes in many forms and often from the most unexpected places. It’s not just about superpowers or flashy capes; it’s about the everyday courage, kindness, and strength that we see in people around us. Our AI technology is designed to celebrate this belief, letting attendees see what it’s like to be a real life hero.

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How Does It Work?

When you step into the booth, you’re greeted by an intuitive interface that guides you through a simple process. The AI then works its magic, analyzing your features and personality traits to create a customized hero version of you. In moments, you get to see yourself like never before – as a hero who might just save the day!

The Buzz at TISE

The buzz around our booth at TISE is palpable. Visitors are thrilled to see themselves in a new light, and the excitement is contagious. We’ve seen wide smiles, surprised gasps, and even tears of joy as guests witness their heroic transformations.

Why “Our Heroes Don’t Wear Capes” Matters

This theme is more than just a fun experience. It’s a reminder that heroism is all around us. In a world that often focuses on the extraordinary, we want to shine a light on the ordinary acts of bravery and kindness that make a real difference. By doing so, we hope to inspire our guests to recognize and celebrate the hero within themselves and others.

Join Us at Booth 5427!

If you’re at TISE, don’t miss this one-of-a-kind experience. Come visit us at Booth 5427, step into our AI Photo Booth, and discover the hero you are! Whether you’re an industry professional or just exploring, this is an experience you won’t want to miss.

Share Your Heroic Journey

We encourage all our heroes to share their experiences and photos on social media using #TISE2024Heroes. Let’s spread the word and celebrate the heroism that lies within each of us!

The International Surface Event (TISE): SURFACES | StonExpo | TileExpo is the largest North American floor covering, stone, and tile industry event and we are proud to be a part of it. Our AI Photo Booth at Booth 5427 is more than just a feature; it’s a movement celebrating everyday heroes. Join us in this exciting journey and embrace your inner hero – no cape required!

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