Kardashian-Style Glam Booth Experience

Kardashian Photo Booth

The jig is up. The news is out. Our Kardashian-style Glam Photo Booth is a hit with all the Brides! Now more popular then ever, our Glam Booth has become our #1 photo booth offering for weddings and parties in and around Arizona.

Did someone say Kardashian Photo Booth?

Originally made popular by the Kardashians themselves, the Glam Booth is a modern take on a traditional photo booth picture. It’s the equivalent of putting a Snapchat filter into a high-res DSLR photo experience. All that means you get a picture-perfect shot without all the blemishes.

How does the Glam Booth work?

Magic. Ok, so not quite magic, but trust us, it will feel like it once you see the results. While we can’t give away our top secret recipe for beautiful photos, we can give you an inside look at what makes our Glam Booth so fly.

First, you step in front of the camera (makeup optional). You’ll immediately see yourself on a live-view screen so you can check for any fly-hairs, spinach in your teeth, and that your mascara isn’t running from all the happy-crying you’ve been doing.


Then, your picture gets taken using our professional camera, and studio-grade flash with an attached Beauty Dish. (See, we take this “beauty” stuff very seriously). That’s when the magic takes place. Your picture gets filtered automagically using our ultra-top-secret process. Seconds later, your stunning “after” photo shows up on the screen in its full glam glory. Love it? Keep it, and get a full-size print out immediately, or, kill it and re-do until you’ve nailed the perfect pose. 

Why not just book the Kardashian’s Photo Booth?

Well…you can! But we think you’ll like our us much more. For starters, you get the same awesome experience our past brides and clients have had, including an exceptional team of professional attendants day-of. Also, our proprietary filter provides maximum beautification, without an unnatural appearance. You know…too much of a “good thing.” Plus, all our booths are equipped with tilt, meaning you can get the perfect glam shot for those out-of-frame poses. As well, prints can be all Black/White, all Color, or your guests can have a choice before each shot. Although, we recommend going with the classic Black/White for the cleanest look. Finally, we upload all the full-res originals with and without (optional) your text/logo for all guests to download free of charge. Yeah, we think it’s pretty awesome too. Unbeatable customer service + unbeatable photo quality = pure bliss.

How do we know you’re going to love it? Well, don’t just take our word for it. See what our brides love about us!

Where can I see samples from the Glam Booth?

Here. Or here. here too. Oh and also here. Want to see more? Follow us on Instagram @flashbulb_memories_photobooth 

Also, check out a few of our favs below. Ready to book? Let’s Talk.

Flashbulb Memories Photo Booth

Flashbulb Memories Photo Booth

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