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Selfies have become an integral part of our lives, and it’s no surprise that they’ve also found a place in live events and parties. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate activation, or birthday party, guests love taking photos of themselves to capture memories and share them on social media. That’s where selfie stations come in. A selfie station rental can greatly improve your event in many ways. Here are some reasons why:


      1. Keeps guests engaged. A selfie station provides a fun and interactive activity for all guests to enjoy. It can serve as a focal point of the event where guests can gather and socialize while taking photos. It’s a great way to break the ice and get people talking!
      2. Creates lasting memories: With a selfie station, guests can capture and share their photos instantly. Often times you’ll see loads of photos posted all over Instagram and Facebook after an event where guests show off how much fun they had.
      3. Customizable branding: A selfie station can be customized to match the theme and branding of your event. We have tons of branding options from the logo on the template design, to a full vinyl wrap of the selfie stations, and even custom backdrops to make the photos pop and make it nearly impossible to forget your brand.
      4. Social media sharing: Guests love sharing their photos on social media, and a selfie station makes it easy to do so.
      5. Increased social media reach: When guests share their photos on the various social media platforms, it can greatly increase the reach of your event. This can lead to more engagement and exposure for your brand, all while making it fun for guests to share.
      6. Unique entertainment: A selfie station rental is a unique form of entertainment that guests seek after. It can set your event apart from others and make it more memorable for everyone. If you really want to go above and beyond, we’ll help bring your vision to life for a totally custom and immersive experience. We are experts in the industry and promise we can help make your event as unique as your brand.

        Contact us to find out how we can help make your next event memorable! And check out some photos of our Selfie Station in action at some recent events.

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